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Breck Baig (She/Her/Hers) was born and raised in the Vail Valley of Colorado. She currently resides in Austin, Texas.  She makes ceramic sculptures, paintings, and mixed media artworks.

Through each painting, I seek to create an image that is at once fanciful and imaginative while containing the comfort of my own backyard. Rather, the idealized version of that backyard from my vivid childhood in Western Colorado among the Rockies, evergreens, and red canyons. My abstract work incorporates distorted perspectives, incorporating unique spatial organizations that push and pull the viewer through the canvas. My creative process allows for spontaneous gestures to evolve into cohesive ideas, inviting the viewer to make sense of quick gestural brush strokes and intuitive use of color. 

My work is deeply influenced by material with my practice encompassing both ceramic sculpture and painting. These two mediums inform the other constantly. Form comes first and the material follows as a way to meditate through creation in a tactile and very physical way. Mediums are accepted for what they are, accepting the material realities of paint or ceramic and its limitations. My work has been described as “ecstatic nature” and I found that to be the most apt description available through language.



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